December 3, 2012


As seen in Nuthin' But Mech: the book, the movie, the webseries, the 5-part television docu-drama, the collector's cup, the holographic bicycle decal.
 - Or -
A Young Lady's Illustrated Mech Primer: the steam/diesel/cyber/bio/retro/goth/erotica-Punk iOS social gaming sensation of the Historian Age.

40+ people with such varied job titles as Concept Artist, Concept Designer, Conceptual Art Doer, Paintist, Drawer Man, and Assistant Painteer were ordered to try as hard as they possibly can. While distracted, their fees were donated to Charity Water ( Mechs. Nothing but. If you're in to that sort of thing, BUY IT.

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Andr-X said...

Amazing work!